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Call Us At 661-799-3401 | Visit Us At 21440 Golden Triangle Road Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Call Us At 661-799-3401 | Visit Us At 21440 Golden Triangle Road Santa Clarita, CA 91350


Whether you want to move to a new home or improve your home’s furniture, finding the best furniture store with varieties of furniture styles and designs is critical. You don’t want to make mistakes, so you must exercise due diligence and conduct in-depth research to find a furniture store that suits your needs. Think about this. The right furniture store has a variety of furniture that can suit your lifestyle, budget, home, family, and more. 

If you’re in Santa Clarita looking for the best furniture at customer-friendly prices, your search ends at Simply Discount Furniture. 

Our furniture comes in varieties of styles and designs that can suit your various needs. Even more, they come at competitive prices. Our main goal is to provide the right furniture that suits your budget and helps you create a comfortable and special home for your family. 

Why you should choose Simply Discount Furniture 


Simply Discount Furniture has been around for many years—since 1989—serving the needs of Santa Clarita’s residents and the entire neighborhood. For this long, having been in existence has enabled us to learn and understand various customers' needs. Therefore, we understand what our customers want and what we need to do to improve on our shortcomings. This has elevated our status and reputation and enabled us to find new customers. Even more important, most people trust us because we are one of the best and most experienced furniture stores in Santa Clarita. 

High-quality furniture 

Every homeowner’s top priority is to find nice furniture for their homes. Therefore, considering the furniture’s beauty and durability during your search will enable you to find high-quality furniture for your home. At Simply Discount Furniture, we emphasize quality because we want to offer the best furniture that can last for long-serving your various needs. We use top-quality materials to create high-quality furniture that can withstand the test of time. Rest assured, you will find top-quality furniture regardless of your budget. 

Competitive prices 

You must create a budget before going to a store to buy furniture. Having a budget in mind helps you know what you want to buy. However, regardless of your budget, Simply Discount Furniture offers suitable furniture to serve your various needs. Our furniture comes at different prices, making it easy for customers to choose what suits their budget. 

Friendly sales stuff  

We understand that friendly sales stuff is at the top of your list. From searching for products online to asking questions about any furniture, you need sales staff willing to assist you at every corner. At Simply Discount Furniture, we have experienced sales personnel who understand what customers need and what makes them happy. They will provide all the details you require about particular furniture and help you make a solid decision. 


Are you looking for top-quality furniture for your home? We understand the search can be intimidating and tiresome. At Simply Discount Furniture, we have furniture in different styles and designs to suit your home’s comfort needs. Please reach out to us today to learn more about our furniture.